Nathan Schiefelbein

Crime: Director, Director of Photography, Writer and Editor

A self described “Frame-Slinger” Nathan is extremely passionate about video and storytelling. He dreads long walks on the beach and can’t stand country music. He hails from the Rio Grande Valley but moved up to the DFW to finish his degree in 2013. He currently works at 3Headed Monster and can’t stop fantasizing about that next big project.


Izetta Holland

Crime: Producer, Art Director and Writer

Izetta is an over achieving, fast paced, art director. Always looking for her next project, she usually has her plate full of creative projects to keep herself entertained. When not working on personal projects, Izetta works at Balcom Agency in Fort Worth, Texas.


Andy Desiga

Crime: Musician and Composer


Andy is a self made musician. He has firm roots in rap, trap, death metal, and thrash; the mix of which has made him a unique creature indeed. He found his true calling in creating sci-fi soundscapes that are the truest meaning of "out of this world."


Griselda Ruvalcaba

Crime: Script Supervisor and Contributor


One out of 5 crazy siblings; Gris was her Mothers favorite until her nieces and nephews came around. She found herself looking for new ways to keep herself entertained. Gris is the the type of person who can find something that interests her, and if she doesn’t know how to do it, she’ll learn.